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Nenya - Longline Fluffy Cardigan Bella

Nenya - Longline Fluffy Cardigan Bella

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About Nenya

Hello, My name is Yana, and I am a Ukrainian refugee. When the war broke out with Russia, I awoke to the sound of bombs being dropped outside my home in Kyiv. I had 15 minutes to pack my things and flee. As I left behind my home and friends, I also had to leave behind my business. I am a fashion designer of women's clothing and lingerie. For the past eight years, I have owned a premium clothing brand, including a manufacturing company. I also had a flagship store that hosted beauty services and sold to wholesale partner stores. As I became displaced, friends in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, offered to sponsor me, and I was granted a Visa in the UK as I made my way across Europe. Since I arrived, I knew that, despite losing everything, I wanted to restart my business here in the UK to be self-reliant and pay taxes to my host country. To do this, I want to showcase other Ukrainian designers by buying from and supporting them. I aim to raise awareness of the Ukraine war further and help support the Ukrainian economy from afar. Similarly, I am providing work to other Ukrainian refugees here in the UK so that they, too, can become self-sufficient. I am grateful that you are coming on this exciting journey with me. I am pleased to introduce you to the stylish and high-quality clothes produced by Ukrainian designers.

The fluffy cardigan is made of soft natural cotton with mohair addition. It's knitted in a comfy regular fit, with a longline style.  Ties at the waist for an elegant silhouette.  slits in the side seams make the cardigan stylish and comfortable for easy movement. For our cardigan, we have selected the perfect shade of beige that goes with many looks. Specification: * Long sleeve; * Length maxi; * tied with a belt; * Side seam slides. 

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