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Desert Sand Oxford {Premium Leather}

Desert Sand Oxford {Premium Leather}

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Our shoes are crafted with your child's developing feet in mind, offering zero drop, wide toe boxes, and flexible soles to encourage natural movement and growth. As Dr. Kelly Owens, a podiatrist specializing in pediatric foot care, explains, "Children's feet are not just smaller versions of adult feet. They are unique structures that are still developing and require proper support and movement to grow and develop properly."

Our 100% leather shoes ensure that your child's feet stay cool and comfortable, even during active play. Plus, our elastic laces make getting the shoes on and off a breeze, while optional laces are available for purchase for added security.

But don't just take our word for it! As Dr. Owens notes, "Barefoot shoes allow children's feet to develop strength and flexibility, which can help prevent foot problems later in life." So whether your little one is taking their first steps or running around the playground, trust Little Love Bug Co. to provide the support and style they need. Plus, all of our moccs come in a convenient cotton dust bag for easy storage or gifting.

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